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As part of Philip Glass’ Days and Nights festival, this very special evening will feature solo performances and collaborations between Joanna Newsom, Philip Glass and Tim Fain.  The event is a benefit for the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur to cover a massive upgrade project.

More about the Henry Miller Library:

In 1981, Emil White founded the Henry Miller Memorial Library in honor of his friend Henry Miller. Three decades later, thanks to the help of countless artists, musicians, and supporters the once sleepy bookstore/gallery has become one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring places in the world.

But the the place is in jeopardy. Federally-mandated health and safety requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, requires upgrades that will cost a lot more than what the Library currently has in its savings. Proper plans for the required upgrades have been filed and, pending approval and FUNDING,
construction will start this Fall.

HMML has received permission to host an abbreviated 2012 (June - October) performance season Lucinda Williams, Jenny Lewis,  Woodsist Festival, Grandaddy, plus more to be announced very soon will perform @ HMML this season.

The impact of any donation made at this time will be immediate and meaningful: 
it will ensure the long-term survival of the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

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There’s something about Feist that is just different than other female vocalists inhabiting the GaGa-Adele-pop landscape.

It’s not the songwriting or the guitar playing. It’s a sense of realness; a visceral feeling deep down somewhere, anywhere, that what you’re listening to is a real person — not an act created by a record label, but one that could be playing in a local coffee shop and still have the same grand impact. For a singer with a heavenly voice, Feist brings it all down to earth with her new album Metals.

After a globe-spanning tour in support of 2007’s The Reminder, Feist took plenty of time off, a year in fact, just to disconnect from her surprise run-in with success. Although “1234” was the lone song on The Reminder that she did not write herself, the fame that comes with being featured in an iPod commercial does resonate. Her next move, however, was to disconnect from the world.

What better place to run away and record a career-defining record than Big Sur, Calif.

With Metals, Feist hits all the right notes. From the serene and beautiful “Caught a Long Wind,” to the snappy lead single “How Come You Never Go There,” to the pure pop ecstasy of “The Circle Married the Line,” Feist leads the listeners through 12 powerful songs filled with passion and soul. And she doesn’t neglect to throw in some surprises along the way. Album opener “The Bad in Each Other” introduces a male backing harmony — a departure from her previous records that expressly focus on her pristine vocals — while the explosive shouts in “The Commotion” certainly catch listeners off guard.

However, when Metals is at its best is on the second or third listen through. It’s then that a relationship develops between the music and the listener. And what emerges is a feeling that that echo in your ears is something bigger and firmer than an aged redwood. Something you can hold onto and never want to let go. Something real.

Five out of Five

Leslie Feist’s long-awaited follow-up to The Reminder is almost here. The Broken Social Scener’s Metals is due October 4 and recently got a lead single.

Listen to “How Come You Never Go There” below and sink into the excellent guitar groove backing her perfect vocals.

Tour dates are running the entire month of November, including stops in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a score of Canadian dates.

View a full list of dates here and stay tuned for more updates and an album review.