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i dig live music. From Oakland to Sactown The Bay Area and back down..
anyways lets catch a show
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Photo by me of Mac Demarco at Lola’s Saloon Fort Worth, TX 4/1/14

checkout my review on Mac’s show, album and racy comment !!!

Lord Huron opening for Portugal. The Man at the Glass House in Pomona #localchella via Garrison

I go to a lot of concerts. We all do here at Sonic Ambulance.

However, with all the concerts we do go to, rarely do they get to the point of legends (Godspeed, WU LYF, The Throne, just to name a few). And with Radiohead and their infrequent touring schedules, you pray, and know, you are going to get an amazing show.

It has been almost four years now since the In Rainbows tour and we were beginning to wonder whether or not Radiohead would ever come stateside again — you know, with the whole environmentally friendly internet shows we have been getting over the years. But with the release of The King of Limbs, Thom Yorke and Co. are back, this time playing to the Bay Area at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

It was a varied crowd at the show, with a few youngsters who probably weren’t even born when “Just” was hitting the airwaves, but you know a band is prolific when the older fans showup. Forty-plus-year-olds, singing their hearts out to classics they remember almost 20 years ago. And Radiohead unequivocally delivered.

Playing a hefty portion of KoL and classics, the band awed the audience, regardless of age (their’s or our’s).

Defining moments included a rocking rendition of “There There” as well as a personal favorite “Climbing up the Walls,” which led in epicly into “Karma Police.” The stage presence was awesome. Rotating screens, flashing lights, Thom Yorke’s maniacal dance moves all molded into a perfect show. So far, this has to be the best setlist of their current tour, even throwing out The Bends classic “Planet Telex” in the second encore, before closing with “Idioteque.” Overall, an unforgettable show, one that will linger until their next trip around the states.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that the popular video website has been
taken down by the FBI. Wait a minute, what the hell were the FBI and the Department
of Justice doing in New Zealand?!!! Megaupload was becoming extremely popular at a
rapid pace with plans to take on the greedy music corporations and even Youtube. No
wonder they got shut down so fast by the US government.

The internet should remain free and uncensored. Governments should not intervene on
the behalf of corporate interests and at the expense of citizens. The music industry and
other media companies need to rethink their business models and intellectual property
rights laws. They need to adapt to new technologies instead of trying to get them shut
down. Laws like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA that are making their way to Congress are only
looking out for the rights of corporations. In the end, they are really just large companies
trying to squeeze every last dollar that they can out of their customers. They restrict what
is allowed on the internet and for the most part do not help ordinary citizens.

And so here is what you can do. Help out Anonymous by spreading the word about our
media boycott happening throughout the entire month of March. Basically, just don’t
buy any media in March. This includes books, CDs, digital albums, movies,
magazines, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, vinyl, etc. Copy the Operation Black March poster
and post it around the web.

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The Weeknd,
Echoes of Silence
  • Artist - The Weeknd
  • Track - Next
  • Album - Echoes of Silence

a quick edit. wu lyf at the troubadour

LYF - Such A Sad Puppy Dog - “cover” song (dont know the song name and seems like no else does either) - 14 Crowns for Me & Your Friends


finally figured out the couver song thanks to KEXP

Papa M’s “Krusty”

who wants to see The Black Keys on tomorrow night?

Friday November 11


San Jose City College

2100 Moorpark Ave.

San Jose, CA 95128

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Animals As Leaders,

Animals as Leaders - New Eden - Weightless

so far my favorite track from the new album

I first heard The Weeknd on Sonic Ambulance’s Summer Mixtape #2 from our contributor Brenda. “Glass Table Girls” from his debut House of Balloons mixtape got me to raise and eyebrow, but it was his Thursday mixtape is what got me hooked. Whats there not to like? Everything I want out of R&B was in those 9 tracks. Some of the best free music available this year, so if you’re an audiophile you’ll definitely appreciate the quality of post-production. In my opinion far more better, creative, and fresher than his R&B contemporaries Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz. Hypnotizing you with the depth of the beats that turn into a tragic eerie feel, and lyrics and paint a surreal picture thats dark like Lynch film. And earlier today The Weeknd posted the track Initiation for the highly anticipated finale Echoes of Silence which will wrap up the mixtape trilogy. In the last couple of weeks The Weeknd has been remixing Florence + the Machine and Lady Gaga, now we’re definitely looking forward to new original music and hoping he comes to Northern California sometime soon. You can find a lot of his music on his youtube, or just on his site; for free download.

should’ve posted this yesterday for #OccupyWallStreet
clip of The Felice Brothers performing Ponzi in Santa Cruz Rio Theatre April 2011

Circa Survive live at Rio Theatre

Santa Cruz, CA 10/5/11 more videos on

States covering Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA October 5, 2011

States opening for Maps & Atlases, Circa Survive fall tour 2011

Santa Cruz, CA Rio Theatre


This is “A Real Hero” by College (feat. Sonic Youth) from the soundtrack for Drive. 

As ridiculous as this song is in the context of Drive - it plays whenever Ryan Gosling is doing a good thing, so you hear a chorus of people singing “…a real hero..” when he does something heroic (really) - I’m seriously digging this song. The chord in the background gives it a nice beat that really drives the song, while the lyrics give it a poppy, upbeat feeling. 

got some sad news for you buddy. it features Electric Youth, not Sonic Youth. sucks i know. don’t kill the messenger.

There’s something about Feist that is just different than other female vocalists inhabiting the GaGa-Adele-pop landscape.

It’s not the songwriting or the guitar playing. It’s a sense of realness; a visceral feeling deep down somewhere, anywhere, that what you’re listening to is a real person — not an act created by a record label, but one that could be playing in a local coffee shop and still have the same grand impact. For a singer with a heavenly voice, Feist brings it all down to earth with her new album Metals.

After a globe-spanning tour in support of 2007’s The Reminder, Feist took plenty of time off, a year in fact, just to disconnect from her surprise run-in with success. Although “1234” was the lone song on The Reminder that she did not write herself, the fame that comes with being featured in an iPod commercial does resonate. Her next move, however, was to disconnect from the world.

What better place to run away and record a career-defining record than Big Sur, Calif.

With Metals, Feist hits all the right notes. From the serene and beautiful “Caught a Long Wind,” to the snappy lead single “How Come You Never Go There,” to the pure pop ecstasy of “The Circle Married the Line,” Feist leads the listeners through 12 powerful songs filled with passion and soul. And she doesn’t neglect to throw in some surprises along the way. Album opener “The Bad in Each Other” introduces a male backing harmony — a departure from her previous records that expressly focus on her pristine vocals — while the explosive shouts in “The Commotion” certainly catch listeners off guard.

However, when Metals is at its best is on the second or third listen through. It’s then that a relationship develops between the music and the listener. And what emerges is a feeling that that echo in your ears is something bigger and firmer than an aged redwood. Something you can hold onto and never want to let go. Something real.

Five out of Five