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i dig live music; from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show n grab a burrito!

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Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon 10th anniversary tour - September 13th, The Catalyst in Santa Cruz - 


California Honeydrops // The Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz // 09.05.14

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devendra banhart - first city festival - monterey, ca

Devendra Banhart announces Nor Cal tour w/ Andy Cabic of Vetiver!

Andy Cabic & Devendra Banhart:



Quite a day for music videos. We’ve also got a new Mac DeMarco vid for “Chamber of Reflection” featuring Homer Simpson with boobs wandering around Brooklyn, waiting for the G train, passing out in the grass. We’ve all been there.

After playing Big Sur, Mac will be coming back to the Central Coast in November!

Your fault my fault I now forget

Your life my lies wouldn’t be the last

What’s false to you was not false to me
Your time my time it all gets to me
Remember when we found misery?
We watched her spread her wings
Slowly fly around our room
And she asked for your gentle mind

such a fun show this weekend.

S. Carey is all good live



La Dispute (by lnkbandphotos)

<3 thanks for the credit!!

Mansions - Catalyst @ Santa Cruz, CA

Photos by Leslie K.

Baths - Catalyst Atrium @ Santa Cruz, CA


photos by Leslie K.

2014 is Future Island’s year, finally receiving the spotlight which is well deserved, with highlights of NPR during SXSW, and getting the Letterman bump. With Coachella booked for their upcoming weekends they’re touring up and down the coast, and selling out the Atrium very quickly, the show got upgraded to the main Catalyst concert hall, only to sell that one out as well. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat started off the night, rocking hard on a drum and bass, with short songs crashing golf courses, ghosts, and a minute long hard punching Sermon. Solid energy was given and the Santa Cruz crowd responded with high energy for the duo to take back.

Future Island’s went on to throw one of the best sets here on the Central Coast, it’ll have to be one helluva an act at First City to top this show. Heavily playing from their latest release, Singles, the band played, Sun in the Morning, Fall from Grace, A Song of Our Grandfathers, Light House, and of course their latest hits; A Dream of You and Me and Seasons. All while mixing their oldies like Balance, Before the Bridge, and Inch of Dust. Every song was an experience, Sam Herring’s voice was on it’s A game, and equally matched his dance moves. I’ve never seen the Catalyst with such a satisfied crowd, been to plenty of sold out shows, but everyone was on the same page with the band. Sam gave short intros to the songs, and soon became lost in the fog because of the hyper-active fog machine, and I don’t know how he played the set with his shirt drenched in sweat, but he’s one helluva front man.

Two years ago, Future Islands played a small crowd of a little over a hundred people, and now they were playing to a crowd of a thousand, it’s fantastic to see their success, and we’re lucky to have a great local promoter BANE SHOWS making it happen. Once the show ended, everyone was just talking about how great of a concert it was, the whole way out everyone kept repeating it was the best show they’ve seen in a while. I just saw John Legend last week, which eternally will be a classic, and still vibing off of the sonic high, but Future Islands bring a quality along that same vein of showmanship and great discipline.