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2012: A Year in Concerts - Radiohead Edition

the best concert i’ve been to in my life.


those hands

Bon Iver - Santa Barbara Bowl

bon iver santa barbara




yess indeed. amaazzing

first concert this season at the Santa Barbara Bowl

my morning jacket vibes still remain..

WUUUUUUT it’s not a an INSTAGRAM FOTO!!!!!!!!!!!

Scored a pair of 3rd row tix for Bon Iver and All Tiny Creatures at the Santa Barbara Bowl

last two shows we’ve been to at the SB Bowl:

My Morning Jacket

Fleet Foxes & The Walkmen

With Bon Iver’s recent tour announcement, the band also unveiled its supporting act for the trek around the West Coast. Enter All Tiny Creatures, the creation of Wisconsin’s own Thomas Wincek — suggesting there must be something in the water in the Badger State.

Wincek joined forces with Andrew Fitzpatrick, Ben Derickson, and Matthew Skemp to release the All Tiny Creatures debut album, 2011’s Harbors, which features guest vocals from the likes of fellow Wisconsinite and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and several others. In essence, All Tiny Creatures is, as the band’s web-bio proclaims, “truly modern music.” They take the beauty and technology of an older Radio Dept. or Panda Bear, but inject it with a rawer and newer sound, one that resonates in its drifting, dream-like subtlety and beauty. Harbors was certainly one we missed in 2011, but one we can all discover in 2012 — their impending jaunt with Bon Iver should also help give them exposure to a larger crowd.

You can like the band at their facebook page here and check out a couple more tracks from their first record below. Also, be sure to catch All Tiny Creatures at the following dates and locations.

Thu 12th Apr 2012 The Joint — Las Vegas, NV
Tue 17th Apr 2012 Freeborn Hall at UC Davis — Davis, CA
Thu 19th Apr 2012 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium — San Francisco, CA
Sun 22nd Apr 2012 Santa Barbara Bowl — Santa Barbara, CA

The Walkmen & Fleet Foxes: SB Redux

Tuesday night, after knowing I may have missed the show of the year in Big Sur, I headed to Santa Barbara as my silver medal.

Take II — Fleet Foxes, Walkmen: Redux.

Having been a longtime fan of both bands, I was oddly more excited to see the Walkmen as I took the trek up the Santa Barbara hill and into the Santa Barbara Bowl.

While the intimacy of the Henry Miller Memorial Library was missing, the two bands did their best to fill it with their sound. The Walkmen led off with an interesting set. Interesting because the majority of it featured new songs and deeper cuts from their newest album Lisbon.

Lead singer Hamilton Leithauser put on a clinic during their 50 minute set. Dressed in classy suits, the band played “Blue as Your Blood” from Lisbon and a song I’m calling “Your Southern Heart” among other new material. At one point, Leithauser sustained a note for well over 10 seconds as he crowed into the microphone.

Not much more you can say about these guys. They’re professional musicians who have a crafted sound and a professional demeanor. Classy as hell.

Playing the same set they’ve done on their West Coast tour, the guys hit every fan favorite and every song they needed to play. This included personal favorites “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “Grown Ocean.”

In typical fashion, the band closed with a solo song by Pecknold. “I Let You” is a slow song that builds a narrative of a forlorned lover and another reason why we here at SA are waiting to see when Pecknold hits the road as a solo act.

The one surprising part of this show was the warmth the band showed. Rather than being distant performers, the guys interacted with the fans and actually seemed to be having fun. To begin the show, a guy from the crowd yelled, “I love you!” And Pecknold replied back with, “I love you too, bro.” Later in the show, Pecknold asked if “you still love me bro?” He did. With good reason, because the show he and everyone else was watching was perfect. From the backing visuals to the onstage performance, Fleet Foxes played a perfect show.

more pictures:

Robin Pecknold of FLEET FOXES live at the Santa Barbara Bowl. September 13, 2011

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