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i dig live music; from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show n grab a burrito!

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You might know Jonathan Owens aka Casual as the co-founder of the Oakland based supergroup Hieroglyphics. However, If you look deeper, you learn that he is a self taught historian, linguistics expert, and highly heralded as “your favorite rappers favorite rapper”. Casual leaves listeners inspired to define their musical experience referencing current events, ancient Egypt and just about everything in between. Known for his fierce battle tactics and unique wordplay he established a reputation for dissecting even the hardest MCs. Chris Witt of Allmusic explains “ Casual produces an unending and seemingly unstoppable flow of boasts and taunts, the simplicity of his message belies the complexity of his vicious wordplay.” From his critically acclaimed major label debut “Fear Itself”, classic crew albums “Full Circle” and “Third Eye Vision” to indie direct to fan projects like “Rapgod” and “Hierophant” Casual has continued to push the envelope building a legendary catalog and cult following.

Catch him open for GZA at the Catalyst this Sunday May 4th

souls of mischief rock the bells 2011 santa cruz catalyst

pep love rebelution santa cruz catalyst 2012

see Hieroglyphics crew members Souls of Mischief, Pep Love, and Casual (Hieroglyphics Crew) this Friday!!! May 25th at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.

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