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i dig live music; from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show n grab a burrito!

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boo b! i want to go

John Legend brings All of Me to Berkeley

A night much likened to an MTV Unplugged or Vh1 Storytellers, John Legend brings the best of his catalogue live, in a stripped down version with 4 strings and a guitarist, and him at the helm on a grand piano. For the next two hours, the intimate, and acoustically perfect setting at the Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley, held the audience spellbound. Legend’s set-list was an absolute dream, running through his discography, all that was rearranged for specifically for his All of Me tour.

Playing hits from his first album Get Lifted like, Used to Love You, Ordinary People, and So High. And the easiest album to perform for this tour was Once Again, with Maxine, Where Did My Baby Go, Save Room, and of course Again. From Evolver there was Everybody Knows, and even the upbeat Green Light that had you dancing in your seat, followed up by a slick transition into Good Morning. Two covers made the set-list that night, Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, and a dark jazzy Dancing in the Dark, that was approved by The Boss himself.
Love in the Future was a tricky album for this tour since it had much more of a synthetic feel than gospel/soul tracks from his previous works, but still Legend killed it with Who Do We Think We Are, You and I, and ending with an absolute gorgeous rendition of All of Me.

John Legend was very friendly and interactive with the crowd, dedicating songs to couples and sharing stories of song writing processes, showing the evolution of them and another story of when he was trying to start up a music career, that whole dialogue was very much like his producer’s track Last Call. The humble, easy going, gentleman does have a bit of an ego nowadays, just like Justin Vernon after working with Kanye, and both of them in my opinion are the best in the game now.

John Legend - Again

John Legend - So High

can’t wait to see John Legend in Berkeley

Last summer Sonic Ambulance was lucky enough to attend a couple of My Morning Jacket shows while they were busy promoting their highly successful Circuital album. I’ve seen Yim Yames and Co. a handful of times and definitely recommend catching any of these shows or all of them. I’ve been to the Wiltern once and it’s a helluva venue, and I can’t imagine how great that show with Sam Beam will be, there’ll have to be some acoustic song collaborations that’ll definitely be classics.
Even though it’s a rainy day here on the Central Coast, already jamming the MMJ tunes, so in the meantime you can check out our Youtube Page for some highlights of the Oakland and Santa Barbara shows, see you in September.

My Morning Jacket West Coast Tour Dates

# = with Shabazz Palaces
> = with Iron and Wine

09/07: Seattle, WA @ Marymoor#
09/08: Portland, OR @ Edgefield#
09/09: Boise, ID @ Idaho Botanical Garden#
09/11: Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern 09/12: Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern>
09/13: Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern#
09/15: Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre#

P.S. that Dondante in Santa Barbara video on our channel with the space station flying over head is nothing but epic sauuuuuuce.

Santa Barbara 2011

Oakland 2011

The Walkmen - Heaven

musical nostalgia

minute 3, is Big Sur

the walkmen big sur henry miller library

the best song of the Berkeley show, and they killed it on SNL too,

Beth/Rest should be awesome tonight for those going to it!


bon vier

What?! Big news just announced, there’s going to be a digital only deluxe edition of Bon Iver’s Bon Iver. Weird. I just took some time last night to specifically revisit Bon Iver’s work (some songs from both Bon Iver and For Emma, Forever Ago) after not having listened or thought about…

can’t say I agree about not having listened to or thought about Bon Iver, I’ve been getting down to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy this last week.

but ya looking forward to this.

Bon Iver live in Berkeley Greek

I doubt I’m going to be able to sleep tonight. It’s more than obvious that Bon Iver is more than just a band. More than just an outlet for Justin Vernon heartbreaks and self-exploration.

Strictly speaking, in the past 12 months I’d say some of the freshest live acts I’ve seen had to be Sufjan Stevens and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I’ve seen hundreds of bands but they’ve managed to surprise me, not subtly, but in my face surprise me. I personally didn’t make it down to Coachella to catch the post-Taylor Swift-incident Yeezy comeback performance (stayed behind to catch the Animal Collective gig), but I still got goosebumps just watching the YouTube stream of the set. And I knew it was MUSIC history when Justin Vernon was laying down the eerie auto-tune. Kanye was just losing himself in Vernons’ vocals, channeling into the memory of his mother, all the while a brigade of ballerinas were swaying and dancing in a ritual like fashion to the heavy beats. Ya its true, I hate my buddy for being there first hand for ‘Lost in the World’. I’d doubt that performance can ever be topped. And with same expectation I walked into the Greek Theatre in Berkeley last night, and I was humbled. Yes, Bon Iver has accomplished a lot in the indie scene, he’s sold more than 100k albums in the first week of release, pretty impressive this day in age. The people who complained the Greek was too big of a venue for the show didn’t take that into account when his tour was announced. And of course it ended up selling out, and I can’t think of another worthy venue for the epicness that went down. Playing all the goodies (alright alright he didn’t play Woods), changing up the setlist from stop to stop, with a full band behind him. From synthed keys to dropping down some beats, booming drums and some slow clean solos on a Les Paul. The brass instruments really went well with the fog machines which syched me out during the show, I had forgotten about them and I had thought it was just the Bay area fog that had rolled in. My favorite songs of the night had to be Holocene, Beth/Rest, The Wolves (Act I and II). They were the last 3 songs before the encore and at least for me that was like the end of the show, I was satisfied and the encore was just bonus action.

Sonic Ambulance’s Siren counts are off the scale for this show. 5 outta 5 ain’t enough. This whole week has been filled with anticipation. A friend caught Bon Iver headlining for Fleet Foxes and the Walkmen, and then Bon Iver is on CNN on Monday and it’s just the same old thing like on the Colbert Report, people just keep talking about his first album and being out in the cabin. He’s been a good sport and talked about his experience, but please, somebody acknowledge that something new, fresh, crisp is going down. SPIN magazine got it right when they said, “Kanye’s Bud gets lit up.”

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The last show I went to was October 2nd, 2010. It was at the Greek Theater, with Arcade Fire. I danced, I sang, I moved like there was no tomorrow. They put on such an amazing show, that it still resonates with me today. Last night, (as much as I love Arcade Fire and was completely blown out of the water by their performance) was something else. I saw Bon Iver with Other Lives at the Greek and it honestly was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. They left me happy, sad, teary-eyed and joyful. It was emotional, seeing them play last night. Justin Vernon has a gift— His voice and his words just really go right through you and leaves you confused with what emotion to feel.

I was standing and the girls all around me were crying. I felt the urge to cry, and it wasn’t until Flume that I was looking up at him and my eyes just started to well up with tears. I honestly couldn’t help it. Maybe I’m going to start my period. And there I was, singing Flume trying to wipe away the tears. At least I didn’t yell out that I wanted his babies.

Jon and I went around 3:30 and expected there to be a line. But I guess it was Thursday so people had other priorities to attend to because we were FIRST in line. Lucky for us, right? It was totally unintentional this year. But I’m so glad we stayed in the front. As annoying as some people were at the shows, (Yes you girl, the one with the pages and pages of Bon Iver lyrics printed on) ya’ll couldn’t ruin my experience. It was something that I will cherish forever. He’s only getting bigger from here, and I’m glad I got to see him now.

I’ll post some videos, hopefully they don’t take them down.



Minnesota, WI




Hinnom, TX


BLood Bank

Beach Baby


Creature Fear

Re: Stacks



The Wolves (Act I and II)


Skinny Love

For Emma

Thank you so much.

"This song is about virginity and non-virginity."

Bon Iver - Towers @ Berkeley Greek Theatre September 22, 2011


Bon Iver rocked faces last night at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.
Justin Vernon: “This concert may not really be significant in the course of human history…but thank you guys for making it feel significant.”


Bon Iver rocked faces last night at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.

Justin Vernon: “This concert may not really be significant in the course of human history…but thank you guys for making it feel significant.”

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