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i dig live music. From Oakland to Sactown The Bay Area and back down..
anyways lets catch a show
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Metric / The Clash at Demonhead

“Black Sheep” - Metric/The Clash at Demonhead (full Brie Larson vocals)

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I think Fight Club is good but really overrated and worshipped by people who think it has some deep anti-capitalist fight-the-system message. In reality it’s just about a guy who is dissatisfied with his life but, instead of accepting responsibility for his problems, he chooses instead to blame…

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Warpaint: The Queens of Cool

On the intensely collaborative songwriting process that is both a band ethos and a celebration of women in rock…

“Coming from a woman’s mind and intuition and all the things that make a woman different from a man,” says Emily Kokal, singer and guitarist in Warpaint, “that’s going to be inside the music, and that makes it exciting.”

Photo by Frederike Helwig.

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For Dennis. Yes, Gingy steals the show!


For Dennis. Yes, Gingy steals the show!





Blows your back out as your homie

Gotchu walkin funny as a testament to our friendship.

makes you cum in the spirit of comradery

goes deep inside you for our longstanding amity

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Pinocchio Story


this could be us but u playin.


this could be us but u playin.

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when i call u a lil peach / dumpling / pizza slice i want u to imagine me as this baby goat, and someone is bringing me 2 hug u, and when baby goat me hugs u, all your troubles will go away. ok? ok 

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Sometimes I don’t talk to my best friends in a long while and I feel so disconnected and empty inside and sometimes I wish I was hanging out on their bedroom floor appreciating their presence. Mostly I spend my time missing them.

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