Sonic Ambulance

i dig live music; from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show n grab a burrito!

Can’t figure out if it’s just this guys day job to check big cat cavities or if he isn’t phased by lions attacking. #futureislands


Anyways I think we should outlaw ironic acoustic covers of hip-hop songs

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  1. protect ur friends
  2. be gentle as much as possible
  3. put ur foot down whenever necesscary
  4. contribute something to the conversation
  5. anger is a valid response to injustice
  6. anger is also a tool, learn how to use it
  7. do not be afraid to admit that u are or were wrong
  8. diversity of tactics is key
  9. not having ur existence politicized is a privilege
  10. don’t write a folk punk song about it

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Lykke Li,
I Never Learn

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Photo and Review of the California Honeydrops by Megan T.

The California Honeydrops to play a benefit concert in Big Sur!

All is set for a fun family day at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur on Sunday, October 12th, when the California Honeydrops and Banana Slug String Band come together in a benefit for the Gazebo Park pre-school at Esalen!

There will be face painting, children’s art areas and great food and drinks from the Esalen kitchen available.
Tickets are $35 for adults, $10 for kids 5 to 12 and free for those under 5. Proceeds from the show will be going towards our scholarship fund, which supports local families who may not otherwise be able to have access to this amazing early childhood education.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library is located at 48603 Highway One in Big Sur. Gates open at noon and the show starts at 1 pm.


Can people smell the sadness on me? What does it smell like?


Gloomy day in Yosemite.

PEACE releases new single “Lost On Me”

butternut squash enchiladas are dope!

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