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i dig live music. From Oakland to Sactown, The Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show

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Angel Olsen,
Strange Cacti



Angel Olsen - Some Things Cosmic

this song sums it all up right now

ugh I need a ticket for woodsist day 1 -_-


thecoathangers at Club Dada in Dallas, TX 7/27/14

Check out my review on the show!

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Catch them in Santa Cruz 8/11!

But if these years have taught me anything it is this: you can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.
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I’m done with being lonely and feeling shitty, I just want my best friend.


really nice, wonderful letter from a fan in puerto rico.


i wanna hug this guy.

lots of people forget about the international music fans. good work Needledrop


jesus fuck. goddamn. motherfucking holy shit.

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There’s something about Feist that is just different than other female vocalists inhabiting the GaGa-Adele-pop landscape.

It’s not the songwriting or the guitar playing. It’s a sense of realness; a visceral feeling deep down somewhere, anywhere, that what you’re listening to is a real person — not an act created by a record label, but one that could be playing in a local coffee shop and still have the same grand impact. For a singer with a heavenly voice, Feist brings it all down to earth with her new album Metals.

After a globe-spanning tour in support of 2007’s The Reminder, Feist took plenty of time off, a year in fact, just to disconnect from her surprise run-in with success. Although “1234” was the lone song on The Reminder that she did not write herself, the fame that comes with being featured in an iPod commercial does resonate. Her next move, however, was to disconnect from the world.

What better place to run away and record a career-defining record than Big Sur, Calif.

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Real Estate's new video for “Had to Hear” is full of low-key vibes because duh.

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Quite a day for music videos. We’ve also got a new Mac DeMarco vid for “Chamber of Reflection” featuring Homer Simpson with boobs wandering around Brooklyn, waiting for the G train, passing out in the grass. We’ve all been there.

After playing Big Sur, Mac will be coming back to the Central Coast in November!

forty six & 2

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