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i dig live music. From Oakland to Sactown, The Bay Area and back down.. anyways lets catch a show n grab a burrito!

CocoRosie at First City Festival 2014

new music video from Lust for Youth

I’ve never posted anything on my walls before (besides a crucifix, and everyone should have too) but now these sweet babies are going up! ¡Mil gracias por traer los recuerdos directo desde Catalunia! #blaugrana #fcbarcelona #barça #scarf #flag #viscabarça #feels


Kevin Morby (formerly of Woods and The Babies) is following up his debut solo album with another LP titled Still Life. Here’s the first single off his new album, titled “Parade” and inspired by Lou Reed

First City Festival | Sonic Ambulance #firstcityfest #firstcityfestival2014 #firstcityfest2014 #festival (at First City Festival, Monterey, California)

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"How could I be so blind to love?
Can you even live with yourself?
You’re such a selfish soul
You’re wretched and your heart is cold
You’ll never find my love again
Your life is meaningless
Yet you don’t know this
Do you even love yourself like I do?”

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Life isn’t fair. Too old to ride. 👟👟 #MJgoneourniggadead (at First City Festival, Monterey, California)

No tienes un pelon cuando escuchas musica? (at First City Festival, Monterey, California)

Modest Mouse -


My younger self just had a freak out from being a foot and a half away from Avey Tare just now 😭 but I kept it together and didn’t obnoxiously ask for a picture